Taking part in discussions

LearnZone's Discussion Forums are a great way to share ideas, knowledge and understanding with other learners.

The forums usually appear in specific courses and are intended to help learners share their knowledge and get to know their peers.

In a facilitated course, the forums are an essential part of the learning process; giving learners a place to network and help each other interpret and make sense of the course content they've been working through.

Replying to a Topic

You might want to respond to a topic that someone has already started or to a comment someone has already made.

  1. Click the Reply link and type your response in the Message box that appears. You'll find the Reply link beneath each post someone has made.

  2. When you're done, click the Post to Forum button. Your response will appear beneath the post you are responding to.

Starting a Topic

If you want to begin a conversation, ask a new question or simply say something to the other forum members, and it isn't in response to an existing topic, simply start your own discussion topic.

  1. From the forum's main page, click the Add a new discussion topic button.
  2. Type a nice subject line that acts as a title for your post, then type your message in the Message box.
  3. When you're finished, click Post to Forum.

Your new topic will appear in the main discussion forum and other users will be able to respond to it.

Keeping up with the discussion

Some forums allow you to Subscribe to them. This means you'll receive an e-mail with the recent posts and comment people have made.  This is useful for keeping up with the discussion without having to visit the forum and check for new posts.

Look for the option to Subscribe to a forum or ask your Course Tutor or Facilitator about this option.

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