Some e-learning courses are not working

E-learning technology can be a fickle thing, especially if you use a computer at work.

Some of the e-learning content you will come across on LearnZone depends on your computer having specific programmes, equipment or plug-ins installed.

Video and Sound

Some courses contain embedded videos or audio from services such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Most videos will have an audio track that contains important information. To ensure you can hear this, please have a set of suitable headphones available or have speakers connected to your PC.

Note: Please be considerate to other people when listening to sound on your computer - headphones are best.

Videos will usually display properly in modern web browsers by using a technology called HTML5, but on older computers they may require Adobe Flash Player to work. If this is the case, a message will appear alerting you to this fact. The next section covers Flash Player.

Interactive courses and Flash

Certain LearnZone courses depend on a plug-in called Adobe Flash Player. Your web browser needs to have this available to it before it can display courses that require Flash.

Flash is not available at all on Apple's iPad or newer Android devices.

Course modules that require Flash are usually denoted by the following icon: Flash module icon

If you are using your own computer, or are allowed to install software on the computer you are using, you can install Adobe Flash Player from here:

This will allow your computer to display the special content within these certain courses *.

This format is being replaced by more accessible content that works on all devices and web browsers. Replacing this content is a long-term process and we cannot provide details or completion dates for individual courses.

* Disclaimer: Macmillan Cancer Support can accept no liability for any loss of data or negative impact caused by installing third-party software. If you use your employer's equipment, please contact your IT or Technical Support department first.

PDF, Word and other files

A number of additional resources are available from many LearnZone courses. These are made available in a number of formats.

  • PDF - Any file that is suitable for reading offline or includes images or diagrams will usually be made available in the PDF format. There are a number of free and easy-to-use applications available that will display PDF files.
  • Word or Excel - Files that are intended for you to add-to or complete or use as a template may be made available as a Word file for text or Excel for spreadsheets. Again, free software is available to open and edit these files.
  • PowerPoint (PPT) - PowerPoint files are used to display presentations. They usually take the form of screens that are progressed through one at a time. Free software is also available to open and view these kinds of files.


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